Our Cows

The Ayrshire breed of dairy cow originates in Scotland, as the name suggests. In bygone years, they were commonly seen in Cornwall, along with the Guernsey breed, when herds generally comprised of possibly only a dozen or so animals. The traditional Ayrshire cow was brown and white, and often speckled, but their most distinctive feature was their long horns which were sharply pointed and curled upwards. Today, horns are no more, but the cows have otherwise retained much of their traditional appearance. They are hardy, placid animals, usually smaller than their black and white cousins, and their creamy milk is renowned for its excellent cheese making properties, being high in fats & proteins.

We milk around sixty cows, and they graze on our lush pastures from the beginning of March, through to mid-November. Our farm grows excellent quality grass, being situated as it is on free-draining granite. We also grow turnips and other forage crops to vary their diet – which also varies how our cheese tastes! During the summer months we harvest three cuts of silage, which forms the main part of our winter feed store, supplemented with concentrate. In winter months, the cows are housed in a large, roomy cubicle shed, bedded with sand to keep them warm and comfortable. Our ‘girls’ are treated like royalty; their health and welfare is of paramount importance to us.

Milking takes place twice a day, every day. Calves are reared on milk for seven to eight weeks before they are weaned, and the females are kept as replacements, coming into the herd at around two years of age.

Our cheese

Our traditional hard-pressed artisan farmhouse cheese is made exclusively with the beautiful creamy milk from our own herd of Ayrshire cows.

Our cows

The Ayrshire breed of dairy cow originates in Scotland. Our cows are hardy and placid, and their creamy milk is renowned for its excellent cheese making properties.

Where to buy

Buy our artisan cheese at various regular local produce markets, as well as in delicatessens and retail outlets in the area.